We at Kikui Scissors, a Japanese manufacturer of easy-to-use styling tools, proudly craft quality scissors.
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About Kikui

  • Kikui has been making styling scissors for top stylists since 1953.
    “Styling scissors are tools, and as such, they should be long-lasting and easy to use.”
    With these words as our motto, we have pursued the crafting of scissors with great cut as well as superior comfort and durability. We have manufactured products with a refined design and long-lasting quality for over 60 years.


Manufacturer Repairs

  • The only person who can have a truly complete understanding of a pair of scissors and the proper sharpening technique is the person who made them. When your scissors require sharpening, our business partner takes responsibility for sending them to Japan; you can purchase your scissors knowing that they will be well taken care of in the future.


From our Customers