Kikui Cobalt Standard Models: made with 70% cobalt alloy

For cobalt scissors, choose Kikui.

In 1973, we developed the world’s first cobalt alloy styling scissors. The cobalt alloy, which is made from approximately 70% of the rare metal cobalt, never rusts. When fashioned into scissors, the edge is known to retain its sharpness for a long time. Turning this alloy into scissors is not easy, however, and there are a limited number of craftspeople in Japan who can do so. Our proprietary processing technology fashions the Cobalt models with sharp edges and sophisticated design, creating a tool that can be treasured and used for decades. Now, over 40 years since they were first developed, our cobalt alloy scissors are still well loved by many stylists.

  • Co60 L/S

  • Level Set

    The flexible Level Set handle allows for easy switching between differently angled grips.
    These are our most basic scissors, and one of our most popular handle types.

    PN Size Blade length ※
    Co50 LS 5.0 inch 54 mm
    Co55 LS 5.5 inch 64 mm
    p_cameraCo60 LS 6.0 inch 74 mm
    Co65 LS 6.5 inch 80 mm
    Co70 LS 7.0 inch 85 mm

    ※from the screw to the tip

  • Co60 O/S

  • Offset

    The added hump ensures that your fingers always rest in a comfortable position.
    This handle type combines features of the Level Set and Power Offset handles, striking a balance between flexibility and stability.

    PN Size Blade length ※
    Co50 OS 5.0 inch 54 mm
    Co55 OS 5.5 inch 64 mm
    p_cameraCo60 OS 6.0 inch 74 mm
    Co63 OS 6.3 inch 76 mm
    Co65 OS 6.5 inch 80 mm
    Co70 OS 7.0 inch 85 mm

    ※from the screw to the tip

  • Co70 K

  • Power Offset

    The finger rest extends directly from the ring, providing superb stability and grip.
    As this design securely supports the fingers, it aids in reducing fatigue during longer cutting sessions.

    PN Size Blade length ※
    Co63 PWR 6.3 inch 76 mm
    Co65 PWR 6.5 inch 80 mm
    p_cameraCo70 PWR 7.0 inch 85 mm
    Co73 PWR 7.3 inch 92 mm
    Co75 PWR 7.5 inch 97 mm

    ※from the screw to the tip

  • Co60 F

  • Ergo Offset

    This handle type, with its 3D construction, features a fit that feels as though it works to hold your fingers in place.
    By adding a unique twist to the design, the handle maintains superior grip, even at various angles.
    This model represents an unprecedented balance in fit and flexibility.

    PN Size Blade length ※
    p_cameraCo60 ERG 6.0 inch 74 mm
    Co63 ERG 6.3 inch 76 mm

    ※from the screw to the tip

Forged Stainless Steel Models: made with 5% cobalt alloy

The origin of the cutting edge

Our forged stainless steel models have their roots in the traditional processing (forging) techniques used for Japanese swords, and benefit from the skills of our own Kikui artisans.
At Kikui, we pay close attention so that polishing heat is not applied in all of our processes; in the care of our artisans’ hands, the benefits of our steel materials – their hardness, viscosity and toughness – are used to their full potential.

  • CS60 L/S

  • Cut Scissors

    We utilize stainless-cobalt alloy forging techniques to mold products in proprietary forms and create basic 5.5-inch and 6.0-inch scissors.
    Handles are available in level set and offset styles.

    PN Size Blade length ※
    CS55 LS 5.5 inch 64 mm
    CS55 OS 5.5 inch 64 mm
    p_cameraCS60 LS 6.0 inch 74 mm
    CS60 OS 6.0 inch 74 mm

    ※from the screw to the tip

  • TEX630

  • Basic Thinning Scissors

    These thinning scissors provide a soft touch to cuts while maintaining superb edge. Our simple Level Set scissors are available in both standard- and reverse-bladed models.
    TEX 630 model is excellent for moderate cutting and multipurpose use, while TEX 640 cuts a greater amount and is perfect for stylists doing quick salon work.

    PN Size Cutting Ratio
    p_cameraTEX630 6.0 inch 30 teeth / 20-25 %
    TEX640 6.0 inch 40 teeth / 30-35 %
  • BR L/S

  • Slide Cutting Scissors

    This model is leaf-blade scissors for slide cutting technique.
    Handles are available in any styles(level set, offset, power offset, ergo).

    PN Size Blade length ※
    p_cameraBR LS 6.25 inch 79 mm
    BR OS 6.25 inch 79 mm
    BR PWR 6.25 inch 79 mm
    BR ERG 6.25 inch 79 mm

    ※from the screw to the tip

Functional Coatings

Color coatings for improved functionality

There is no point to a beautiful coating that also causes the scissors to lose their edge over time.
At Kikui Scissors, we employ coating technology that not only gives a beautiful color to our products, but also improves their functionality.

  • Titanium Gold

  • Titanium Gold

    For over 15 years, we have used industrial TiN processing for its coating strength and highly effective friction reduction.
    The gold is often chosen for its deep color and luxurious look.

  • Metallic Black

  • Metallic Black

    Kikui uses DLC (diamond‐like carbon) coating, which is effective in high-friction environments, such as auto parts and machinery components. By covering the entire surface of the scissors in an extremely strong carbon film, we have improved blade movement and durability.

  • Matte Black

  • Matte Black

    In addition to DLC technology, WPC processing – in which ultrafine ceramic particles are sprayed at high speed – improves the quality and durability of the actual steel. With its cool black color and soft touch, this is a rare gem made possible by cutting-edge Japanese technology.