Manufacturer Repairs

Why is it important to have products sharpened at the Japanese factory?

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If the blades of your scissors have become dull or damaged, or the scissors require any other repair, please contact our sales partner at the contact information listed below.

Passion Beauty, Inc
11953 Prairie Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90250
800-362-7071 or 310-263-7360

Cadena International Taiwan
No.25, Lane 318, Longjiang Rd, Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C
886 (2) 2509 6392

Scissors that arrive at our store are immediately sent to the factory in Japan for repairs or adjustments.

Scissors adjustments require extremely high levels of precision, artisan skill, and product knowledge.
What are the scissors made of, and what qualities do they present? At what angle is the edge cut? What kind of whetstone is used, and what is the process? What amount of pressure is necessary for the smoothest blade movement?
If adjustments are made without thorough knowledge of the scissors and appropriate technique, the life of the scissors can be dramatically reduced. If scissors have been damaged by sharpening techniques at other companies or facilities, it is possible that they cannot be fully repaired again, even at our Japanese factory.
The only person who can have a truly complete understanding of a pair of scissors and the proper sharpening technique is the person who made them.
When your scissors require sharpening, our business partner takes responsibility for sending them to Japan; you can purchase your scissors knowing that they will be well taken care of in the future.