The more you use Kikui Scissors, the more they become a part of you.

15 years after picking up my first set of Kikui Scissors, they’re now like a business partner that I couldn’t imagine working without. Although the design has eliminated unnecessary elements to the point where the scissors can appear too simple or even rustic, there is an attention to detail in all aspects, from the angle of the edge to the quality of the metal. The more you use these scissors, the more they become a part of you.
They’re also surprisingly gentle on hair. They give the impression that they have a love and gratitude for the hair, in a way that really reminds me of the spirit that goes into traditional swordmaking. I think that everyone should experience these scissors with their own hands so that they understand the depth of delicacy that goes into them.

Takefumi Mimori / President, LAUTUS

After graduating from university, Takefumi went on to work in famous salons and studios in Kobe, Kyoto, and Tokyo. During that time, he also traveled to Paris to study and hone his craft. After returning to Japan, he went back to work primarily in salons, becoming a top stylist at a major salon. In 2015, he opened his own shop in central Osaka. He recommends natural, sophisticated styles, and is well loved by a wide range of loyal customers.


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